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How to Organize the Perfect Baby Shower

Organizing a memorable baby shower isn’t different from the organization steps that are taken to put together a birthday or wedding reception party. The only difference is that the event revolves around the mother and the expected bundle of joy. The event can therefore be as lovely as you may want it to be if you can borrow a few tips on how to organize the perfect baby shower from experienced event organizers.

The checklist approach

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You can try and figure out which furniture goes where, how you want the barbecue area to look like in your preparations for the event and so forth. But you can never capture the actual outlay if you don’t deploy the check-list system. Experienced event organizers use this method to deliver beyond expectations. Arrange the items on the checklist logically starting with:


The themes

Get an online treat on the trending baby-shower themes. Many of them are presented using elaborate pictures that speak more than words. The type of theme you pick should be in line with the available space. In-house baby shower themes may not fit into garden or beach spaces. It’s significant to choose a theme that favours the mother’s taste and preference. Note that getting a theme before anything else enables you to figure out the menu.


The chosen theme has a direct effect on the budget. Consider the fact that it’s a gathering of close friends of family members who are expecting to wine and dine on the finest of delicacies that your home can provide. Some baby showers are organized in getaway hotspots which may call for more money compared to home or picnic-based themes. Be modest in your spending but strive to deliver a bouquet of memorable experiences.


Send out invites. These could be by word of mouth or by elegantly designed cards sent through ordinary mail. The idea befits a baby shower event that’s based on a traditional theme. Otherwise, you could always download sample baby shower invite cards and modify theme or get a digital agency to have one custom made for you. Digital baby shower invites can be sent to multiple people at a click of the “send” icon on your smartphone. Undertake this part of the plan after making up your mind about most aspects of the event. Send the invites early for your guests to make plans to attend.

Prepare the venue

Venue preparation takes an artistic eye and high-end innovation for it to capture the chosen theme. Improvise to cut down cost without compromising the aesthetic quality of the venue props. This could be a bunch of play-aid apparatus as most baby shower themes incorporate games. Lay out a table for indoor games or simply have them ready to be replaced dining tables once the clock hits play time.

The event

coupleMost people love the idea of attending baby showers just as much as they enjoy participating in their preparations. Get your close friends and family members to assist with the planning and the execution bits. Should this not be possible, you can always hire a professional baby shower events team to put things together from start to finish without missing a detail.