Compliment Your Office Equipment With The Best Printer

You have installed the latest generation computers, both desktops, and laptops in your office, but are still depending on a dot matrix printer for printing out your official documents? No doubt, the DMP was once the ruler in most offices and people still use them in Banks and other commercial places where only text is required to be printed. However, the quality of graphics printed by the dot matrix printer is extremely ugly because of its limitations regarding dots per square inch printed. Inkjets and laser printers nowadays are the preferred choice of offices all over the world. Not only are they faster than the DMP, but they also reproduce excellent quality images as they have a printing resolution of 1,200 dots per inch. Also, dot matrix printers can only print in black colour, the modern generation inkjets and laser printers output text and graphics in colour. Therefore, it is time to replace the dot matrix printer in your office with an inkjet or a laser type. It is important to check the brand of the printer before purchasing it, to ensure that you get optimal quality printing. Some of the famous printer manufacturers include Kyocera, Epson, Hewlett Packard, and Epson.

Points to ponder before purchasing a printer

If you are looking for a printer for your home, then an inkjet model is more than enough. However, the scenario is different when you require printers for your office. You need to calculate the number of pages per minute that will be printed by the different computers in your workplace. You also need to determine the maximum print size. If you plan to print standard documents, then an A4 printer is your best choice. However, if you want large size printouts, then go for a printer that can handle A3 or even A0 paper. Check the feed mechanism as well, especially if you want to print on thick paper as well. In such a scenario, a straight feed printer that can handle paper of higher GSM (grams per square metre) is needed. You should also check the number of sheets the printer's paper feed tray can accommodate if you do not want to refill the tray with paper now and then. If you hate cables running along the floor, connecting the different computers to the printer, consider purchasing a model that has network capabilities.

What questions should you ask the vendor?

Check the warranty period of the printer. If the company provides an extended warranty for an additional amount, go for it. Check if there are service centres in your city and if the vendor offers on-site repairing of the printer. Most printer manufacturers offer high-quality devices that last for ages. However, you should get the printer serviced once every three months. You should also check the number of printed pages a standard cartridge offers. Typically, the printers calculate pages considering 10% coverage of the paper. If you print a lot of graphics, expect the ink to run out soon. If your office requires printing of hundreds of pages per day, opt for a printer that can output at least 36 pages per minute.